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What We Offer

Assembly Line Automation

You give us the specs, and we can devise a solution. No matter which part of your process you aim to improve, AMT can help you do it.

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Winding Equipment

At AMT, we design and manufacture machines and systems for the production of electric motors and generators, both for the stator and the rotor. We can provide the complete range of machines, from core build through lace.

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Why Partner with AMT

  • Opened in 1970
  • Supporting Systems
  • Maunfacturing Facilities
  • Build long term relationships
  • Provide a buying experience
  • Communications
  • Excellent results

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AMT is a certified FANUC robotics integrator.


AMT is an industry leader in the development, construction, and retooling of manufacturing solutions. The level of experience and quality that we bring to electric motor winding equipment and production, advanced assembly automation, and solution development are hallmarks of our service. When you need an expert partner in machine manufacturing, AMT is available to create high-tech, business-conscious solutions. Take a look at our services and capabilities or contact us directly to find out more.

Client Testimonials


UQM Technologies over the past year has been going through a large production readiness program for CODA Automotive.

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